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Monday, June 6, 2011     17:19

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Asosiasi Perusahaan AKREDITASI - A

7. Asosiasi Kontraktor Tata Lingkungan Indonesia (AKTALI)
Gedung Pusdiklat Depkop & UKM R.08-09
Jl. M. T. Haryono Kav. 52-53, Jakarta Timur
Telepon : 021.7919120
Faximile : 021.7911690
Email :
Bidang Arsitektur
NoKodeSub Bidang
121007Pertamanan, termasuk perawatannya

Bidang Sipil
NoKodeSub Bidang
122103Pekerjaan penggalian dan pemindahan tanah

Bidang Mekanikal
NoKodeSub Bidang
123006Pertambangan dan manufaktur, termasuk perawatannya

Bidang Tata Lingkungan
NoKodeSub Bidang
125005Instalasi pengolahan limbah, termasuk perawatannya
225006Pekerjaan pengeboran air tanah, termasuk perawatannya
325007Reboisasi / Penghijauan, termasuk perawatannya

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konsultan legalitas perusahaan

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We are a Professional Consultant provide solutions for your business licenses, especially for those of you who will run the tenders in public and private circles.

We are assist you also in setting up a new business entity with business areas that you want, LOCAL COMPANY or FOREIGN COMPANY.

Legality in accordance with legislation and registered, of course... being the good performance of your company.


amarta consulting

PT. Amarta Multi Sinergy
AGNESIA Building 3rd floor R3D/i
Jl. Pemuda no. 73B, Rawamangun
Jakarta Timur 13220
Telp : +62-21-4759 234
+62-21-4788 1870
Email :

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  • konsultan legalitas perusahaan


  • konsultan legalitas perusahaan